Drug and alcohol rehab Bluffs

A Closer Look at The Bluffs Rehab

Based in Ohio, The Bluffs Rehab center is quickly becoming one of the leading addiction treatment clinics in the state. With a broad range of evidence-based services tailored to treat both drug and alcohol addicts, the center has been providing its medical features to patients from all walks of life for a number of years now.

What types of services do they offer?

From drug and alcohol detox right through to personal plans and dual diagnosis treatment; The Bluffs offer one of the most extensive ranges of services when compared to other medical facilities in the field.

Evidence based drug rehab

Some of these services include evidence-based treatment, individualized programs, recreational therapy, and even aftercare too; helping previous patients to avoid relapse and stay sober even when they have moved on from the facility.

In house drug rehab

Not only that, but their in-house doctors and carers strive to provide only the highest quality of services to their patients – and with a focus on personal recovery that so many clinics overlook, it’s clear to see why they are rapidly becoming one of the most prominent in the region.