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When Is A Good Time To Visit Canterbury? The City of Canterbury is situated on the shores of the River Wear as it flows from the west coast to its source in the eastern ocean. Canterbury is blessed with a temperate climate for the whole year round and boasts of some of the prettiest spots in the country to enjoy and witness: its rolling hills covered in evergreens and flowers; its picturesque views across rolling countryside full of apple orchards, quaint villages and historic churches that have stood for centuries; its lakes, dams and wildlife; its vibrant arts and crafts; its festivals and sporting events; its lively locals and the people of New Zealand itself. In short, if you want a relaxed, laid back atmosphere, then Canterbury is definitely for you.

When Is A Good Time To Visit Canterbury? This is the time of year to be visiting the city: spring, summer, autumn or winter. During the winter, many of the parks and public gardens remain closed to the public so as to preserve the lush green environments, which are especially fragile during the colder months; however, you will still be able to enjoy some of the best places to dine in the city including The City Of Canterbury Baking Company (tastefully located in the Cathedral churchyard at Westgate Street), The Greyfriars Chapel (Dorset Avenue, with lovely surroundings around The Greyfriars chapel and adjacent gardens); The Rose Andrushu Gallery (the only place in Canterbury to still retain the traditional Japanese garden-style restaurants and street cafes); and The Bell-in-hand Hotel (which date back to 1840). There’s also the popular Pounamu Beach, complete with lifeguards and refreshments: though the main tourist attractions are usually much busier than they used to be: especially in the summer months.

Why should you visit Canterbury cathedral city of Canterbury? The city is home to one of the most important collections of medieval manuscripts in the world, which date back to the 11th century. In addition to this, there is also the imposing bell tower, built to guard the imprisoned King Henry’s bell in the grounds of the Cathedral. The city has a lot to offer to both visitors interested in medieval architecture and religious history. With numerous public and private museums, as well as a range of excellent restaurants, cafes and galleries, the city of Canterbury is a good place to start when you come to New Zealand.