Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment

How Long Does Drug Detox Take and What Is It Like?

Drug detox is the act of expelling chemicals from the body that are present as a result of narcotic exposure, whilst encouraging mental and emotional repair. Most detoxing programs will take place within rehab centers and clinics – and when doing so, even the most severe of addictions can be dealt with in the most effective manner.

How long does drug detox take and what is it like?

Over the years many rehab clinics have developed ways to calculate how long an addict can expect to undergo treatment. To do so, a specialist will be provided to evaluate a range of factors relating to a particular addict. These factors include the type of drug (or drugs) that is being used, the amount of time that the individual has been exposing themselves to the drug, as well as other mental checks.

For lesser-drugs, such as cannabis, the treatment process can be completed in as little as one month. If cannabis has been used for a longer time however, particularly to a point where the addict has developed a dependency and habit of consumption, then this time could double, or even triple. For harder drugs, such as cocaine and heroin (especially the latter), the detox and recovery time can be much longer.

The key thing to consider is that with harder narcotics, the chemicals and toxins present can affect the body in such a way that the metabolism begins to rely on a frequent intake of them in order to function ‘correctly’. This is why people can suffer extreme side effects that typically resemble dehydration or starvation, as the body tries to cope with input that it was receiving from the drugs themselves.

Is detoxing painful?

In the past this answer would have had to have been a resounding yes. These days however, and thanks to the advanced therapies and medication that most drug rehab centers have access to, the side effects can be reduced to some extent. That’s not to say that the endeavour will be painless however; in fact many addicts find themselves struggling as a result of headaches, nausea, pain, inflammation, and even fits.

The truth is that attempting to detox alone can actually be the most dangerous activity to attempt. Without proper medical care and if the body should violently react to a lack of substances that it has become so dependent on, then the results can sometimes be fatal. When being looked after and monitored within a rehab clinic however, it can be possible to enjoy a more comfortable detoxing process, whilst being able to turn to the experts on-site should any issues make themselves known.