Alcohol Abuse Reovery

Here at The Emergence Studio, we prefer to keep our treatments as open and flexible as possible. There aren’t many alcohol recovery centres that can boast as many programs as we have on offer – from our extensive 12 step treatment to our personalised counselling and therapy sessions. We offer these services because we genuinely care about the recovery of our clients and when it comes to your care, you can rest assured that we have you covered.

Which programs do we offer?

As mentioned above, we prefer to offer a range of treatment programs to help our patients and you’ll find further information on some of our most popular below!

Our 12 Step Program

This program involves 12 carefully designed steps to help with coming to terms with an addiction, recognising issues, dealing with concerns, managing a withdrawal and detoxifying phase and then going on to full recovery. The 12 steps are INCREDIBLY effective, with a huge rate of success of over 80%. When placed in the hands of our trained professionals, you won’t ever have to worry about being left feeling alone and we’re sure that you will go on to enjoy a full recovery at the end of your treatment.


For those that feel that they would benefit from a little one on one time with a counsellor, then our fully trained and licensed therapists can certainly aid with the recovery process. During these sessions you will be able to discuss your condition, why you feel that you are suffering with it, what can be done to help you to overcome your affliction and other important factors that can play a major role in the success of your recovery. Our patients love being able to talk one on one to our trained professionals and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the potential.

Group Therapy

We’ve found that one of the most effective ways to acknowledge that there is an issue of alcoholism is by interacting with others in your position. That’s why we’ve made a point of hosting group therapy sessions several times a week – simply to help you to come to terms with your current condition. You will have to chance to talk about yourself, explore options that you might not have considered and even make a few friends; all of which will want the same thing as you (to go on to enjoy a clean and sober life, away from their addiction).

Withdrawal Symptom Treatments

Many of our patients find that dealing with the uncomfortable and often downright painful withdrawal symptoms can force them back into alcoholism, but at The Emergency Studio, where alcohol recovery is our top priority – we do everything that we can to minimise your pain. We use advanced treatments and have access to the most modern of medications to ensure that your withdrawal symptoms are minimised from day one. You’ll be able to enjoy a pain free recovery whilst focussing on staying sober for the rest of your life!