Alcohol Rehab

alcohol rehabWelcome to The Emergence Studio, one of Australia’s leading alcohol recovery clinics, catering to those that are suffering with addictions and dependencies of all types.

Alcohol Dependence Symptoms – how we can help

Unlike our competition, we prefer to tailor our services to our patients on an individualistic basis and this is why many consider us the most exclusive rehab centre in the country.

With more than fifteen years of experience with alcoholic detox and rehabilitation, a host of medical experts and over a dozen psychologists and psychotherapists, our treatments are as advanced as they are effective.

We understand that half the challenge is actually coming to terms with an addiction and once the issue has been recognised, it can be incredibly important to focus on recovery. With our help and expertise, thousands of people have gone on to lead clean and sober lives, where alcohol isn’t even a thought – let alone a concern.

We Prioritise YOU

If there’s one thing that we know more than most it’s that an effective recovery will only be an option with the right support. With our knowledge and expertise, as well as a range of resources, programs and treatment options at our disposal, we are proud to say that we can offer one of the most extensive recovery services in the world, let alone in our country.

From the moment that you walk into our clinic you will feel right at home. We’ve hired expert designers that have focussed on creating luxurious surroundings that can help you to relax, while encouraging your recovery. What better way to focus on getting better than under the careful guidance of trained professionals that genuinely care about your recovery? It Doesn’t Make Sense To Call Addiction A “Disease” – you can get help and recover with the right treatment.

That’s us and that’s what we do best – in fact we’ve helped so many alcoholics over the years that we’ve decided to open a brand new wing to cater to larger numbers of patients.

Although you might be one of many, we won’t ever make you feel like you aren’t important. As soon as you’re admitted to our care, we will make a point of dedicating an expert to get to know about you and your situation. We’ll evaluate the severity of your condition, consider the types of treatments that might benefit you the most and then refer you to our experts, who will take care of your needs in their entirety from that point onward.

Join Our Group Sessions : Meditation on The Serenity Prayer For Recovery

At The Emergency Studio, we have helped to deal with even the most extreme of cases and we have addressed the most severe of situations. Although we can’t claim a 100% success rate, we can certainly say that thanks to our team and our extensive alcohol recovery services, thousands of people have gone on to enjoy sober lives.

To enquire about our costs, or to book yourself into our alcohol rehab clinic – simply get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.