Alcoholism Treatments

If there’s one thing that we pride ourselves on here at The Emergence Studio (with naturopathic treatments) , it is being able to take care of our clients in a way that they wouldn’t even expect. Our extensive alcohol recovery services are so extensive that we wouldn’t possibly dream of listing them all here, so what we’ll do instead is let you know a little bit more about our individual programs and features, as well as what they involve.

Treatments for those suffering with extreme alcoholism

Grade III alcoholism is widely considered the most severe form of the condition, with sufferers not only finding themselves feeling addicted to the alcoholic substances that they are consuming; but dependent as well. In these cases it can be very important to seek professional help in fact anything less than medical expertise can have disastrous consequences.

The withdrawal process can be incredibly severe in these instances and that’s why we’ve made a point of utilising the latest medication and state of the art treatments and therapies to all but eliminate your pain and suffering.

Programs for individuals suffering with alcohol addiction

In its earliest stages, alcoholism can result in a minor addiction that can leave a person feeling like they can’t operate without having their latest fix of alcohol. In these cases it’s important to focus on replacement therapies, where our patients will be able to switch their addictions for a healthier alternative, before leaving the addiction behind in its entirety.

These programs often involve therapies and counselling, but if the addiction is quite severe then we might also recommend undergoing medication programs; simply to help to detox the body of alcohol, whilst allowing the organs time to recover and return to normality.

Therapies for those facing complete dependencies

In some cases, alcoholism can take shape by resulting in dependency. Not all people will be addicted and not everyone will feel dependent; but for those that do feel obliged to consume alcohol in order to function on a daily basis – they can be categorised as suffering with a dependency. In these cases it can be important to wean and detox the body of its alcohol requirements and if done incorrectly, the results can sometimes be fatal.

This is why we employ a range of trained medical practitioners to support and guide the recovery process, whilst focussing on introducing the most effective medications and treatments that will A) allow the body to recover and B) rid the addict of their dependency and allow them to focus on recovering as a whole.

If you are keen to get your treatment underway, or to make an enquiry about a loved one that you’d like to have admitted to our alcohol rehab clinic, just get in touch and our friendly team will take care of your needs.